Moving to Belgium and more..


So as you might’ve already noticed from the title; yes!
Me and my boyfriend have packed our bags and decided to move from Holland to Belgium.
Ofcourse there’s still a lot to be dealt with for the complete transfer, but I suppose there’s nothing that can be done about it,
just part of the lesser side of life.
But that means there’s much to be getting in return for it.

I’m really looking forward to start a new life here for the coming years and hopefully creating a lot of new good memories and art!
The house we moved into is dating from the 1700s, meaning it is at least 300 years old (and still standing!) and it has a lot more space than my apartment, which is very nice.
Ofcourse, this also means that I have a new workspace and I’m looking very much forward to put my art supplies away in the new room.

The sad thing is that I already miss my cosy apartment, but I’m sure in time this will be a new home too.
And whats more, autumn is coming and while being surrounded by trees and hills on the countryside, I can’t wait to collect nice things for inside the studio to decorate with and to be inspired with the colors this season brings.
Hoping to be doing some plein air studies soon.

Thanks for stopping by and see you next time. Have a lovely autumn!


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