More watercolors!

I’m a bit late this month.. time for another blogpost!
Here’s a small new watercolor illustration.

I’m looking so much forward to spring, enough of the cold and strong winds already. How about you?
Although someting makes me melancholic about it when winter is almost over.
Especially since I’ve just discovered a teaplace where you can have the most delicious Matcha and Chai tea 🙂
(If you’re a sucker for tea, you definately need to try those out at a local teashop)

Pros about springtime: flower buds popping out of frozen soil and lovely scented cherry blossom trees.
I’ll enjoy them while they last, because they blossom only very briefly…

Very excited about some projects coming up and as things are getting busier, i’ll do my best to keep my commitment of uploading new stuff on the blog every month.
Thanks for reading and have a nice rest of March!

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