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Moving to Belgium and more..

So as you might’ve already noticed from the title; yes! Me and my boyfriend have packed our bags and decided to move from Holland to Belgium. Ofcourse there’s still a lot to be dealt with for the complete transfer, but I suppose there’s nothing that can be done about it, just part of the lesser side…

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It’s been rather hectic lately.

It’s been so long since I’ve shown my face. More than a month! I can’t really give you much of an update now; except for a quick wip. (sadly ) Life has become really very busy with a lot of projects going on simultaneously, I’ll just need to make some time to upload anything. Lots of plans…

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More watercolors!

I’m a bit late this month.. time for another blogpost! Here’s a small new watercolor illustration. I’m looking so much forward to spring, enough of the cold and strong winds already. How about you? Although someting makes me melancholic about it when winter is almost over. Especially since I’ve just discovered a teaplace where you can have the most delicious Matcha and…

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Lately I’ve been getting into watercolors a lot more. Here are a couple of illustrations that I did to warm myself up for Februari. Have a nice week!

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Hello 2017!

Hello and a Happy New Year! This is a bit of a quick update this month just to show you what I’ve been up to. I wanted to get back into watercolors a bit before starting on a new project. Also, maybe you already noticed, but there’s a new illustration up on the website. If…

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My Apartment

Something inbetween of my other work; what my apartment looks like at the moment.. Actually, this was made while the trees still had some leaves on them. Right now everything looks a bit more sad and cold outside. Usually the lights are on aswell, but it fitted better if they weren’t in this case. My…

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Welcome to my blog!

The DaniLustre artblog where I want to post anything that doesn’t quite belong among the portfolio section, like news updates, studies and daily sketches. Thank you for visiting! In this week’s post, I wanted to feature my birchtree and the mother and her baby and the process of these artworks; The initial idea was to do a stylized illustration but…

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